Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions solidify the agreement between service provider and client, as well as keeping both parties protected fairly in our agreement to collaborate on a project.


These Terms and Conditions govern the provision of website design services provided by Ryasen Design, henceforth referred to as "the Service Provider," to you as the client. By engaging our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Services Offered

The Service Provider specializes in offering custom website design services, meticulously crafted from scratch to meet each client's unique requirements. In addition, we provide two tiers of post-launch maintenance plans:

  • Basic Maintenance Plan: Priced at £382 per month, this plan covers basic maintenance needs. Any extensive changes or additions will be subject to separate negotiation and rates.

  • Premium Maintenance Plan: At £982 per month, this includes on-demand additions and alterations, effectively putting the Service Provider on call for the client. If workload is excessive, a re-negotiation of the monthly fee will be initiated by the Service Provider, if deemed necessary.

2. Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for providing all necessary images and content for the website. The Service Provider can, but will rarely refer to other creative specialists for asset creation, which may affect project timelines. During the earliest stages of a project, clients must:

  • Establish a Framer account.

  • If necessary, set up a Formspark account for website application forms.

  • Understand the required Framer plan for website functionality.

  • Provide access details for their domain provider, including for new purchases.

3. Payment Terms

For services exceeding £2000.00, a 50/50 payment structure is available. Any service under this amount requires full payment upfront to maintain the Service Provider’s cash flow and wellbeing. Late payment penalties are as follows:

  • A fee of £100 for delays exceeding 48 hours.

  • A 20% penalty on the project's total value for delays beyond one week.

4. Project Timeline and Milestones

The Service Provider will provide an estimated date for the commencement of the first revision stage. After receiving initial feedback and subsequent revisions, a revised estimated date of completion will be communicated to the client. The Service Provider maintains a policy of clear communication and patience; hence, no penalties are applied for delays from the client's side.

5. Revisions and Approvals

Included in the service are two rounds of revisions. Any additional revisions requested by the client will incur a fee of 20% of the original project total per extra round. The Service Provider reserves the right to offer additional revisions at its discretion in case of any service failure.

6. Intellectual Property

Upon completion and full payment, the client will own the website. However, the Service Provider retains the right to use the completed website and images of it for marketing and portfolio purposes. Non-disclosure agreements are available upon client request, subject to an additional fee and specific terms.

7. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Fifty percent of the project total is non-refundable, as compensation for the Service Provider’s time and commitment. Clients may cancel the project at any point; however, no assets will be provided post-cancellation, and the Service Provider retains the right to use any produced material for promotional purposes.

8. Privacy and Security

Client information will be kept secure and only in the necessary locations. Digital storage of sensitive data will require explicit client consent. Passwords will not be saved in personal browsers unless permitted by the client for regular use.

9. Dispute Resolution

While disputes are rare, any arising disagreements will be resolved through fair negotiation, aiming for a resolution that is acceptable to both parties.

10. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. Any disputes arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts.

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